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My poor plant…can u tell me what u think may be the issue here. I love your show and look forward to a successful first grow with your expert guidance.i decided to do the 10 bucks a month sponsorship as you guys are well worth much more than that with all the knowledge u kick around.these are coco hydroton mix gh micro and bloom lucas formula doing 4,8 ml per g, Recharge 1 ml per g once a week, root excelurator gold 1 ml per g , orca 2 ml per g, cal-mag, 2 ml per g hydroguard 2 ml per g in a 2 gallon water jug with ro water around 600 ppm i then split it in half in another 2 gal jug and top both off with 1 gal of straight ro to bring 4 gal at 300 ppm and plants are in 1 gal container watered once a day to 20 per runoff. Any suggestions id love to here your diagnosis

Thanks DGC