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DUDES!!! Hello there first post long time watcher.

I have a grow question I’m hoping you can answer. Quick overview. Sealed room, 4 x 600 metal halide/hps, propane co2 generator (800ppm with controller), mini split (72-78), dehumid (45-65 rh) recently transplanted my clones into 10 gallon fabric pots of promix HP amended with azomite watered with plain water and recharge for the first week.  Now we are on 2nd week of veg and recently noticed a little bit of magnesium deficiency so included Epsom into the mix with Flora flex line, slf100, and some mammoth p. Everything is looks pretty good except I noticed some slowing in the growth with some leaf twisting and a little tacoing. So I start scoping some random leaves looking for pest movement. Couldn’t find a single one!. ipm Once a week foliar spray and root drench with azamax and sls.  But I could not help but notice a lot of these,what look like trichome heads without the stem on the bottom side of leaf as well as at top. Is it possible the plant is producing oils in veg or are these eggs!!?  I’m at a loss on this one. Thanks guys