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Hello gentlemen

Thank you for all of the content y’all put out.  A lot of your podcasts and YouTube videos have helped me quite a bit on this first grow. I am currently in week 8 of veg with 3 cherry garsee-ya r1 and 3 banana daddy r1.  Both are from ethos genetics and up until today I haven’t seen anything out of the ordinary.

Today i noticed two of my cherry’s have sprouted little reddish-orange tendrils.  Using happy frog by foxfarm in 5 gallon fabric pots.  I am feeding every 2-3 days with 2ml calimagic, 5g veg+bloom dirty, .75g stackswell per gallon with .6g +life twice a week. Humidity bounces between 50-58% and temp between 70-79. Using 2 mars hydro SP3000 at full blast on an 18/6 cycle.  After hours of googling and skipping through podcasts the best guess I can come up with is that they’re flipping themselves into flower?

They grew from feminized seeds so they shouldn’t start flowering until I change the light cycle right?  I hope you guys can help so I dont end up with something out of little shop of horrors (that would be pretty sweet though).  Thanks again!