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Hey DGC. hope everyone is well and growing great………so I’m the guy that was wondering about human urine last year as fert for veg.. it worked great btw.. so this year i stumbled upon something called dave’s swamp water, which is basically fermented compost water ( i guess similar to knf) so ive been using the veg. version of it for weeks now on my veggies and my meds and they love it, it contains mostly greens (comfrey, clover, grass, willow, dandelion, moldy leaves, milk, molasses), I’m in the process of making the bloom juice now (comfrey, milk, leaves, willow, eccineacia, oranges,  bananas, grapes, cranberries, broccoli, etc, etc) i was wondering if there is something that i shouldn’t be putting into the mix? maybe something that would be toxic to the plants..?. so far so good, and of course everything is tested on veggies first then my girls after it seems safe. anywho. grow on peoples and may your harvests be bountiful. peace out.