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What’s happening DGC!? How’s the Fam!? I’m growing blue dream here and was hoping to have flowers in nov but not anymore. I let my humidity go low, watered in a whole tsp of Recharge/wk and my tap waters pH after installing a “Waterdrop” filter has a pH around 7.5-8.3. I started adjusting the pH two weeks ago and pulled back my watering ALOT since she’s not soaking it up anymore. But leaves started dying, and I had to cut it down since it was too far gone. Now two more branches are gone and it’s not looking good. Temps are 80 degrees constant and I always have moist soil but she doesn’t look like she’s recovering. Could a whole tsp/wk of recharge ruin my soils bio? What is going on here?? Also what is this stuff on the bottom of my pot?

(Soils pH is 5.8 I checked with sample of soil and distilled water mixed)