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The wife finally gave me permission to build my dream grow! I started with 2 ikea pax cabinets, one 2×3 and one 2×4. I built 2 custom led lights using supplies from growdaddyleds.com and hlg, got 2 ac infinity fans with controllers and carbon filters, and set out to retrofit the cabinets to house my plants and supplies. I ended up using the bigger cabinet to flower and built a custom drawer in bottom to store nutrients and supplies. Then I put a divider/shelf in the smaller cabinet to create veg up top and a drying chamber down below. I was able to make everything light and hopefully smell proof. I also wired up the cabinets and installed outlets throughout, which gives me a plug whenever and wherever I need it and also allowed me to wire in Fuses to prevent a catastrophic event and have a single plug for the whole cabinet. So far the plants are loving life. I have a michealangelo by irie in flower along with a clone next door and I just popped three mad scientist bx1 by homegrown natural wonders that were freebies from SHN. I have been growing for a few years now in a little 2×2 tent but that just wasn’t cutting it size wise and I really wanted /needed something a little less obvious than a grow tent as I am around tampa and prohibition has not fallen here yet. DGC and patron for life!!! I don’t know what you guys put in the show but damn is it addicting! Stay irie everyone.