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Hey there DGC, Dude, Scotty and Guru.

I got a quick question for you. I am a new grower with one year of experience. Watching  your show and various others has given me an abundance of knowledge and allowed me to successfully grow some insane strains that truly help with my medical issues. This plant nature has gifted us with is truly a miracle and a blessing! I have to admit I’ve been very lucky. I haven’t run into any issues in growing. No pests, no mites, no fuck ups. I’m one of those nerds that watches every show with a pad and pen taking notes and made myself my own little grow Bible on the science behind the nutrition, growth of the plant, pest management etc. My cloning is pretty much 100% on the money, I veg like a boss and my flower tent yields massive buds. This morning, I woke up and found one of my ladies looking like this. Literally the main stalk and most of its stems are what you see drooping and nasty in the picture. However, there is one stem coming off that main stalk  that looks 100% healthy praying to the LED every morning just like the entire plant was yesterday. Literally this plant was super healthy all leave spread praying to the gods yesterday. I am not sure what happened overnight. I did not water yesterday or add any new nutrients to the cycle. Has anyone had an issue like this or can tell me what’s going on? This is one of Rasta Jeff’s Leonardo blueberry cookies. I grow in radical pots with my own custom blend of soil and organic amendments. I recharge once a week and I’ve been doing this pretty much the entire time I’ve been growing with great results any help would be appreciated as I would love to continue growing this plant into flower. Any comments and constructive criticism is welcomed as I know I’m an FNG (fucking new grower). Stay high DGC and thanks for all you do for the community!
-StickySaK, grower of the dankest bud this side of the Mason-Dixon line.