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hey guys,  check this out.  Born in raised Michigan I started collecting seeds when I was a teenager.  Not just any seeds though.  There was a time where a bag would have more weight is seeds than it did in bud.  It seems like it happened over night but about 20 years ago the bags started having no seeds at all, this was always  ALWAYS good bud.  This is when I started collecting seeds if I found any usually only 1 in a OZ.  Anyway to the point, the pictures are of a plant that was grown from one of these seeds.  I had hoped to get more plants  but maybe seeds can go bad?  I don’t know.  I also don’t know what this plant is, only that it looks like an indica prominent strain cause the leaves are massive and it buds supper quick compared to the others, like that Blue Cheese.  My question is  would it be ok for me to name it or how can I figure out what it is.  This would have been a strain in Michigan around 1999-2000.