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Hello DGC

I recently created a meme about Superthrive and later noticed questions and comments pretty much asking “What is it?” and “What is that smell?”, so I thought a deeper dive into the product ingredients would be worth a look. After a little research, I have found that the classic label is accurate and says Superthrive contains kelp, B-vitamins, and hormones. It helps germinate old seeds, helps with cuttings, and transplant stress reduction just to name a few. As for the smell, I think it is likely the concentrated kelp combined with the vitamins in solution that gives Superthrive its unique aroma. Regardless of the smell, I firmly believe that it is a very real, useful, and beneficial supplement added in small amounts to any fertilizer schedule throughout the grow up to flipping to flower. *Disclaimer* I dont personally use the product during flower because this can cause issues with plants having an increased potential to herm due to the kelp (gibberellins) and other hormones.

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