I got a question for y’all.     Everyday seems to bring some new invention on avoiding being a hands on farmer.     Forgetting intuition.   Limiting the beneficial time that is spent in our gardens.    This equipment is not free.   It breaks and goes into the landfill just like all the other cheap plastic toys.    The space you provide in your homes is not free.   You pay for every inch you occupy. The power it takes to run all these things in far from free.    Oh, and of course you will need enough different seed packs with cool stickers.  They are not free.   If they are… well roll the dice on what you will be investing all of the above mentioned plus your time.     Now, we have the nutrients.   They are not free and can be costly to environment when misused.   Oh wait, the bugs.    Gonna need a few more bottles.   The good stuff is NOT free and organic dose not mean safe to use improperly.           Alllllllll of this for what?   To grow mediocre weed you don’t even really want to smoke since it’s easier to stop by the dispensary and pick up a pack of something than trim your own.      What is the point of it all?    Just to ruin something that was special.  Sacred even if I’m being mushy.    We create the world we live in.           Don’t hate the Walmart you create.     All the people that have been giving their lives to create something wonderful will have no reason to continue.               I wish the youth spent this much time and effort on growing vegetables.       You would really save big.    I mean hopefully this is not so out of control that your expense for smoking weed is higher than your produce bill.    Since we love to talk about weed is medicine and you can’t do without.   I think we can all agree that vegetables contain all the nutes and terps we need to prevent most common USA health problems.      I’m sorry but this is all getting so silly, I’m about to tap out.    Glad I lived when I did.   Glad I’ll be gone for what’s to come.    I won’t be leaving any stickers or buckets of unsalable shit weed to mark I was there.   Just 5 acres of much improved soil.             What are you getting from this? What are you taking?   What are you giving back?      If the math don’t come out then think about it.   That’s all.   It’s your world to create.   Don’t invent yourselves out of a reason to take space on the planet.
For all the farmers out there,  well you’ll never see this….. your busy doing the work.   I love you.