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ok DGC. I asked this in the forum. but i figure this may hit more eyes and ears. I have this odd damage. I can’t find anything online under bugs or fungus. It seems to be only on a single strain at the moment (headbanger), but i see a possible spot moving to another (but may just be something else). It looks like the soft top layer is missing off the leaf. The very top pulpy layer and it is replaced with “black” specs. A few friends thought maybe leaves rubbing together, which was a possibility in the small cupboard they were in. They are now very far apart and in a bigger room  and it is spreading. Under a scope, the specs are little blobs of green goo and if you rub the leaf with your finger, none of it moves or comes off. Even the new tops look weird on these plants. Almost like wrinkled lettuce. The soil I’m using is fox farms ocean forest and canna terra pro plus. I was worried they passed some bugs on to me but i have seen no bugs with the scope. This has got me stumped. I just need to know what direction to take. Do i get stuff to fight bugs or fungus or is it an internal issue that will fix itself?