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Hey guys i have currently picked up 2 spider farmer led which are 200w sf2000 is the boards i have, i added one so far to my room that already has my HLG 100v2 which i used to veg in a 3×3 tent. i now got the permission from the wifey to use the 6x6x8 room in the basement which is awesome i started a month or so ago and now i a m about 2 weeks away from the firs flip all clones from my summer girls and then i will have a seed run next as i have popped 5  seed 3 from Obsol33t genetics DGC free pack alien sour apple germinated all 5 seeds and was able to get 3 to sprout out of the soil over the past week so i am thinking the other 2 are duds.

I am growing in a super soil made here in Canada B.C actually called DESTINY ORGANICS SUPER SOIL i ran there whole line teas kelp spray and dry amendments and i killed it this summer was defiantly the most and quality nugs in my growing journey

6x6x8 room

1- HLG 100V2 3000k

2-Spider Farmer sf2000, At wall they run just over 200 watt full power  dimmable meanwell driver- Warm White light 3000- Blue Light5000k – Red Light-660nm  InfaRed;760nm

Mars Hydro ts 250-Coverage: 2′ x 4′ this would crush it in the 2×4 tent for sure im amazed on what i have seen this light do for my buddy he pulled a pack off 1 flower in a 2×4 space.w

Lifespan: 50000 hours
Dimension:1080 x 90 x 80mm
Max Yield: 2.5g/w
Compare to HPS/MH/HID 400 watt
Draw power: 232W + – 5%@AC120V 242W + – 5%@AC240V
Spectrum: 450~475nm 620~630nm, 650~660nm, 3000~3200k, 6000~6500k
Work Temperature: -4°F ~128.84°F (-20°C ~ 53.8°C)

please help i want to make sure this isnt to much or should i hang them all except the hlg 100v2 i would like to use it for my seedlings and clones

my idea was to hang the sf2000 QB length ways then use the mars to run the width way