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Hey Dude and Scotty,

Longtime listener, first time grow questioner.

This is my runt White Widow.  It’s had problems since seedling days.  I should have dumped it early but it fought so hard I just couldn’t let go.  All of my tent conditions are good, temp and RH well inside desired parameters.  Lights are an array of 8 CXB3590s from Timber Grow Lights. All are taking the full spread of Cutting Edge Solutions* nutes plus Recharge and Mammoth P.  None of the other 5 plants, 2 White Widow, 2 White Queen and 1 Iced Grapefruit are showing these brown streaks on the leaves.  All plants are in 3 gal coco/EWC/perlite hempy buckets.  They could be a little root bound due to an extended veg time.  I have been fighting a small fungus gnat problem off and on.  After adding the FloraFlex drippers, the bug issue has lessened.

Thanks for all you guys do for the grower community!