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Hello fella’s, I’m wondering about feeding my girls. I just got a cheap ppm meter because my girls always seem to have some type of issues going on, although they keep motoring along. I’m a fried bastard most of the time and trying to figure out what are the issues my plants have is confusing to say the least. I get high, I start to garden, I notice problem, I get high, I look at problem again, I decide to research, I get high, I get confused. This is my regular problem solving routine. I realize that my approach to resolving my plants issues are, weak and flawed. So I’m going to arm myself with more facts and info from my own tents before I problem solve again. I know my temps, humidity… now I also know that my tap water is 200 ppm. I have a veg tent and a flower tent and have separate nutrient tubs for each tent. I feed all my girls the same nutrients if there in the same tent. This isn’t perfect ¬†because I have many different strains going at the same time but it’s another one of my routines. My tap water is 200 ppm. I tested my nutrients tubs, veg was 455 ppm and flower was 620 ppm. I’m in the first week of flower and my veg tent has different size/age vegging plants. I only feed nutrients for 5 weeks of flower generally. What ppm should be a ballpark number for each week of flower from weeks 1-5? And what ppm should my vegging plants get?¬† Any help is appreciated.