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Hello, Dude, Scotty, Guru, Warehouse Kyle and all the awesome DGC crew!

Just became a member about a month ago and loved the joining gifts of Optic Foliar and the seeds from Seedsherenow. In fact, I received (2) free 5 packs of seeds. Love it!

That leads to my question. I am currently growing in a 2’x4’ tent with (2) HLG 100 lights. I typically run (2) 5-gallon bags with feminized seeds. This setup works well for me. I tend to average about 3-4 ounces per plant. Being able to provide great medicine for my spouse’s chronic pain and anxiety and plus get some mental relaxation and pain relief for myself has been a great relief (I’m 55 and have all the aches and pain from a misspent youth that goes along with that).

I would like to run the seeds I received from SHN but they are regular seeds.   I know I need to plant them, veg them, flip them and then cull out the males. But with only a 2×4 tent, (2) 5-7 gallon or (4) 3 gallons are my two main options. It would be nice to know if these plants are male or female before they go into flower. That way if I only had 2 females out of the 5, I could up pot them to 5 or 7 gallons prior to the flip.

I have seen online that there are ways to determine the sex during veg, but as my late father always said, don’t believe everything you read. Is this a bunch of bull?

If it can’t be done, do you have any advice? Sure, I could just plant 2 seeds at a time, but I would hate to go thru 6-8 weeks and end up with 2 males.

I have also thought about starting all 5, do a shortened veg period and takes clones, but due to a lot of different reasons that won’t be an ideal situation. (the main reason being I am in a prohibition twilight zone and 4 plants = misdemeanor, 5 plants = felony. See if you can guess the state).

Educate me my friends!