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Hey there DGC,

Looking for some help in identifying this little issue I’m having.  Not sure if I have a deficiency or an excess of some nutrient or another.

I’m 21 days into flower with a feminized Chem D x Banana Kush.  She spent 16 days almost doubling her height and is now starting to produce some flowers.  Over the last couple weeks I’ve noticed some yellowing on various leaves, but only a few ‘fingers’, or only one, or even half a ‘finger’ (see pics).  Also, some of the leaf tips are curling to the side, not up or ‘clawing’ down…bit literally to the side.  I’ve tried searching the interwebs and can’t seem to find anything that looks quite like this.

She’s growing in an Earthbox SIP container with Build-A-Soil’s Living Soil Malibu blend, Gro Kashi, some of their Craft Nutrient Blend and of course Recharge.  At the start of flower, I top dressed with the Build-A-Flower top dress kit.  Temps and Humidity are pretty stable at 79-81° and around 55-60% respectively.

If anyone has seen this, or can at least offer some direction on where to start, I’d be super grateful.  I am a rookie grower with only two harvests under my belt, so I’m lost… Help!?