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What up Dude, Scotty, Guru and my fellow crew members!? I’m happy to be a spec in the DGC universe, keep the wake n bakes and grow talks comin’!!

So, I don’t seem to have a problem with stale air, but I do NOT have constant air exchange. If I did, my humidity would drop as low as 30% and it is not worth the energy or effort to raise the humidity in the bedroom. Since I haven’t had any noticeable problems with stale air I thought of closing up the tent on a weekend and monitor every hour to find out when I’ll actually see symptoms to gain a better understanding….but before I make sad plants, I should hear what the DGC has to say….

Can I trust that if Co2 levels are normal that the air is still “fresh?”

There seems to be a lot of factors such as plant respiration, changes of gas levels and their relative ratios, and even bacterial growth….can anyone *ahem guru* elaborate on the timetable of how this all works in a small space in terms of how soon new “fresh” air is needed?

Just to add, my tent is dumped on a humidistat and the frequency varies, but it is at least once an hour (usually more) for a couple minutes at a time. I just have no clue if I’m walking the line or not. The bedroom isn’t completely sealed and also has a vent register in the ceiling; I do not expect this room to ever grow stale. Thanks for any and all feedback!