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Hey Fellas, Preciate you cool cats for everything you guys are doing helping the world grow more dank. I gotta braincake here, she 8 weeks old. She’s been beat up a bit. A one point she wasn’t getting enough light, then the next she exploded, then I had took the chance of training her to bush her out, but due to her super Sativa/Hybrid type structure, and her main tops had grown stronger branches, so as I go to train, she caved like Achille’s Heel, and crack RIGHT between the two main tops.

NOW, she has bounced back from her mishap, but now, the top main sights are showing major welting, but I will admit, that it has stunted the top JUST enough for the lower tops to catch up, so, I’m wondering if this wilt is the result of the beatings, or could it be a toxicity of some sort. photos below… Thanks Playas.

P.S. Would be STOKED for a 30% Recharge hook up of some sort, because my hydro store near me doesn’t stock The Wonder of Recharge, as if it’s a fantasy.