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Hey DGC’ers. I’m looking for some feedback. This girl has been topped twice and I’d like to mainline so a third topping will be done shortly. The goal is to keep her short, away from prying eyes of the neighbors. Using Grow Dots and Recharge in 5 gallons of coco with earthworm castings, perlite and Armour Si. A dusting of diatomaceous earth to get rid of an earwig problem…so far it’s working. The secondary branches on the outside of the plant are considerably larger than the 4 main branches in the center of the plant. Should I cut back the secondary branches to equal the height of the mains or should I leave them be and hope the mains catch up? I still have to do my final topping which will delay growth on the mains again, giving the outside branches even more time to take over! Any advise or pearl’s of wisdom would be appreciated!