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What’s up you guys, back again but this time with a general grow question for you all. So it’s my first grow, 18 white widow autos day 26, and 4 gold leaf photos, and 5 blue dream both at little over a month. I had some salt issues and lock out from over feeding and started to get some burn mainly on the autos and the photos were just super short and thick but after some guidance I flushed them a couple days and did some foliar feeding and got some ruby fulvic and they are back on track and I’m about to start feeding again but about half the strength I was initially. Before I did much research I had already gotten advanced nutrients and I’m running them until I run out then I’m planning on switching to new millennium or possibly a dry like gia green. But for now I’m stuck with the advanced nutes but I’m also using Recharge, mammoth p, and I’ve had overgrow in the mail for a while now but I got some super thrive for foliar until it comes in. Overall just searching for any tips or things that stand out that can make my grow better, I’m not sure if I should defoliate yet for instance. Just take a peek at some of the plants and nutes and please let me know if you can think of some stuff I should work on.But anyway, just a big shout out of much love to everyone for helping me so much! Truly couldn’t have done it without you! Can’t wait to bring some dank out to the cup and meet some of you!