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Hey Guys long time listener first time poster cause I guess that’s what you are supposed to say. I live in London but am from Colorado and Lived in Washington and really miss good weed!  You can get ok stuff over here but its about $70 for anything comparable, and I just can not morally pay those prices. I left Washington at 18 so never got to go into a dispo but very much took advantage of the free market there paying $15-$20 a 3.5. Anyways over lockdown I got into growing weed outdoors with some little autoflowers and got a way with a harvest I was pretty proud of but this lead me down the path to finding a new job in a hydroponic farm in an old bomb shelter  from WW2 here in London. But anyways let me get to my point. all though I unfortunately  cant grow here anymore, but still have friends that have a grow and I will help out from time to time in exchange for weed. We were talking about trying out a no till living bed at one of my friends grow and I was just sat here high thinking could I use the left over magic mushroom spawn and coco and added it as a kind of mushroom compost to the beds would you in theory be able to grow some mushrooms along side as a sort of companion fungus in the bed or will it hurt the plant. I have heard of people using mushroom compost and am not too sure if this is the same thing, OR if instead it is more organic matter broken down by mushrooms as this is just coco coir and some of the packed mushrooms nutrients that came with it. Anyways, was just here smoking a spliff thinking about that cause I think it would be wicked to have some sort of natural Co2 supplement growing in you bed along side of your plants, and these two things are so nice together after harvest, why wouldn’t they work well together while growing. any info you could give would be much appreciated. stay blessed and much love.