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Hey Scotty, Dude and Guru!!!  And team!!! What’s up DGC!!!!
Hope everyone’s having a kick ass May. So I recently purchased a 4×8 shorty gorilla grow tent That took the place of my 4×3 and 32×32. I would like to keep And continue to use the 32×32 for when I’m messing around being  a fun gui. With that being said. The 4x3tent itself, the 6 inch inline fan( dirty as hell and shakes horribly when on). Being in an awkwardly legal but yet still  Prohibition state  (fuck you Murphy) I cant just throw this stuff out in the garbage. Any ideas would help.  Thanks so much I’m advance. The first picture is the 4×3 then the next is the setup in the 4×8. Much love and respect y’all.