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It may come as a big surprise to you that dabbing is not so young in pothead culture. It may seem like something fancy and new but dabbing was there for some time, only now it is gaining a bit in popularity and people are seeing the benefits of it. With various states now legalizing marijuana or products from marijuana, we also see an increase in dab weed and this type of taking in CBD Oil for Pain.

What are Dabs?

Dabs or better known as shatter, dab wee, resin, CO2 wax, and other various street names, is a form of weed that is super concentrated. This sticky substance has a lot of power and a high from this is usually a lot stronger and could potentially last longer. This high is a lot more intense than just plain old smoking. 

What are Dabs Exactly?

This substance is usually made from all leftovers from marijuana. With different extraction methods available this concentrate is made out of these dry parts of the plant. There are different dab types that you could use and smoke. Usually, this extraction process is made with high heat and butane where, later one when the chemical is removed, you only get this sticky oil which we all dab or shatter. There are different types including wax, oil, butter or shatter which has a glass look. There is also an option where you do this to live, not dry herbs, and this also gets you a nice result. But these types of resin, from alive plants, is really hard to come by. 

How Can I Dab?

Dabbing Rig

Methods of dabbing usually require an external device. A dab pen or a dab rig. These are not for the average smoker or THC beginner. As said, these highs are a lot stronger and they can be overwhelming. A dab rig is a water pipe and a small metal plate that gets hot with an external flame where you heat up the dab material. The smoke goes through the water and the vapor gets in your lungs. This is a complicated process that can take some practice and time. For this reason, some choose to get dab pens or portable wax dab kit options. 

Dab Pen

A dab pen or a dab vaporizer is a handheld device that works far simpler than the rig and is vastly more portable. These devices use a similar way where they have an element that gets hot and vaporizers the dab material. These are for more casual users and for those who don’t want to haggle with the rig. Still, these come in all shapes and sizes and with different features. Different materials, electric ones, etc. Some even have small water percolators so you can get the cleanest hit you can get. In any case, an interesting solution and a very portable one. You can be high as a kite anywhere you go basically. 

What Can Go Wrong?

Extraction Can Go Wrong

Dabs are safe to use and one needs to watch his doses when inhaling THC in this way. If you are using a dab rig or a dab pen just be careful not to get too high. The danger can come if you want to extract the dab itself as butane is highly explosive and if you are not careful, things can explode on you. You don’t want to do that.

You Get too High

Too much THC can get you into a hospital and we can’t stress enough that you need to be careful with everything you do with THC. Nobody died from an THC overdose but dabbing delivers a big hit from the first inhale. Also getting this high can pose some trouble for your daily activities. You probably won’t be able to study for at least an hour or two, or go somewhere important. So take care of your dose and don’t over do it. 

If you have underlying mental issues, getting high is never the answer to fix that. Solve your problems and then enjoy a nice mellow high. Dabbing can also lead to a high THC tolerance so always make a pause if you over do it. Remember, if you do get too high, drinking lots of water and some sugar will get you back. In the end sleep it off and keep a calm mind. Nothing will happen, just chill out for a while!


In any case, we hope this small guide will lead you to the great art of dabbing and you will do it responsibly in an environment that will suit your needs. This is a great way to enjoy a big high and just let go, so do your research well, always try to have a good reliable source and happy dabbing.