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Hey, Dude, Scotty, Guru and DGC members. I need some help up here in northern Ontario with my organic grow. Not sure what the hell is going on here but it’s not the first time this has happened to me shortly after top dressing with Gaia Green fertilizer. (I’m not blaming the fertilizer. It’s definitely user error) I’m in about week 4, approaching week 5 of flower and just did my final top dress then 2 days later started seeing marks on leaves that I haven’t been able to diagnose. My top dress consisted of:

4 tbsp worm castings
4 tbsp 2-8-4 power bloom
2 tbsp langbeinite
2 tbsp fishbone meal
2 tbsp insect frass
3 tbsp kelp meal
2 tbsp bat guano

Originally I thought it looks like a magnesium deficiency so I dusted off the bottle and hit them with some good ol’ cal/mag knowing the magnesium in the langbeinite won’t be readily available and low and behold the next day no change. If anything the marks are slightly worse. I also inoculated with a compost tea containing many of the same ingredients as my top dress as well as a bloom microbe made by RAW thinking it might kick in quicker. Any advice would be appreciated because I don’t know what’s going on any more lol.

Thanks DGC, cheers.