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Whats up crew? I have a Spider Farmer SF4000. The kelvin range on them is 3000k and 5000k with 660-665nm and, IR 760nm. Does that mean my light is a 4000k? Not because of the name, but due to the average of the two? I really like how this spectrum works in both veg and flower.

I’m looking into a new light for my new 2×4. HLG and Timber are my two favorite brands so far. The tent is only 60″ high, so both of these seem to be great choices. I hear they both can get much closer than some other lights out there.

This light is going to be used more often for veg than flower. The Timber brand allows you to pick from 3000k, 3500k, and 4000k. Should I stick with something 4000k, if that’s what my lights are now? A lot of lights only mention one range of kelvin where mine has two.

I’m a little confused with the terms spectrum, wavelength, and color temperature(k) also. 660nm would be a certain wavelength correct? Is that the same as spectrum? Or is spectrum the combination of all wavelengths, like a map of all the wavelengths my light has? Also how does “color temperature” fit into things? Is it the combination of all my diodes making that one color temperature?

I know this is more than one question, but I figured it would be a good topic of discussion. Keep growing strong DGC!