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Sup y’all?

I made a recent post about putting my 2×2 tent on my night stand next to my bed and my wife being less than excited about it only had to deal with it for 2 days. I’ve got my new room put together mostly.

So here I’ll lay it out. The room is 8.5×10. I put up a 8×8 gorilla grow tent I swiped off market place for 250.00 still new in box. Then installed my already exciting 4×8 vivosun tent (also a marketplace deal) inside the 8×8. The 4×8 is divided into 2 rooms with a foam board wall. One side is going to be veg and the other is a dry hanging room. Everything runs on recirculating hempy buckets. The rooms still needs some finishing work but this is the idea. I’m excited to see this machine up and running. This is working with what you got. Make it happen DGC!