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Hello Dude, Scotty Guru and the DGC.  New member here.  Love the show.

I’m growing 9 Lemon Kush plants in a 45″ diam 150 gal Fabric Pot.  (Closer to 120 gal as it’s not full to the top).  The Bed sits on a plastic Pallet to keep the Fabric pot bottom exposed to air and keep off the ground.

This sits in a 4×4 tent insulated with R3 silverboard rigid foam.  I have an external heat source to keep plants warm.  I am growing under a home made full spectrum led pulling 300 real watts and estimated ppf of 544 using 20 1600 15 watt E26 base LED bulbs with the covers off. (see https://www.ourfigs.com/forum/figs-home/202488-e26-base-household-led-bulbs-as-effective-diy-grow-lights for ppf estimate).  Word of warning.  Most but NOT all E26 base (household) LED bulbs use a plastci “Bulb” cover that diffuses light.  Some use GLASS.

I got these as seedlings mid August.  Want to go to flower as soon as new groow room is built.  (Holy Bejebus.  How the hell do you lift a 4×4 tent holding a 150g fabric pot onto something with wheels?)  Been holding off flowering till then.

Soil mix was:

3.8 cu.ft of Promix HP

6 cuft Buffered Coconut Mulch

50 L bag of worm castings

2 50L bags of Sea Soil from 2 companies on Vancouver Island.  Both pH at 6.5

50 L Perlite as top cover.

When I first watered in this mix my run off I had a pH of just over 7.  I don’t usually do a full water to runoff (4-5 gallons) as it takes a week to 10 days before it’s dry enough to water again.  I usually water at half that or less.

Naniamo water is a fairly steady 7 pH.  A Gadzillion people grow around here and they mostly use city water.  (Vancouver Island and Gulf Islands have been a growing mecca for decades).

About 3 weeks ago my plants went from beautiful dark green plants to twisted dying leaves etc.  Since I hadn’t checked soil ph in a while, I did a soil sample and found the pH to be a really low 4.8!  I immediately flushed  with pH’d water using  Sodium Bicarbonate to 7.2.

(The next water I added in some unsulfered Blackstrap molasses and pH’d to 7.)

After flushing the plants started to recover.  When they could handle some more water I mixed some sea soil, water and Unsulfered Blackstrap Molasses.  Stirred it up, waited an hour then watered the plants with the strained mixture.  While not a full Tea, I figured some microbes would make it in there.   Within a few days of adding this, they exploded in growth.

My Current Problem:

In the last 5 days my plants have started to look like they have a Phosphorus Deficiency, at least from comparing to online photos.  Either that or root rot but I doubt that.  I watered in some Alaska Morbloom (mostly Phosphoric acid I discovered when I looked it up before using).  I used it half strength.  I did not see any improvement.  That was 4 days ago.  Today I watered in a really low dose of H2O2 diluted in tap water.

Any ideas?  Even the dead looking leaves are hard to pull off.  You have to cut them off.  The the necrosised spots are soft at first, not dry and crispy.

Also, A couple questions for Dude.  Now that you are in Cannabis Canada, What have you found in our Coastal market in regards to microbes?  Obviously no recharge here.  Not sure what the hell the Feds issue is with microbes and certain other products but hard to find anything that lists the microbes.   Plant of products that naturally have microbes (ie fish fert) but my guess is once you list the microbes the regs get stricter.  Anyone know for sure?

I came across an Island product by planttonix.com called Plant Tonix Activated EM with a NPK of 0 – 10 – 0.  No idea if it’s any good.

I have my ACMPR Authorization from my Doctor.  My DR was afraid to put more than 2 grams per day on it so when I run that through the govt’s online tool I would only get authorized for an additional 10 plants over my 4 rec plants.  Crazy.  So I am not sure if I want them to know my address (ie file it for the “licence” – yes Canadian way of spelling) or just grow and if cops ever come then show my ACMPR from my DR or to find another DR.

For people confused.  Basically the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that the govt had to allow medical growing even AFTER rec legalization.  SO now you get your Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) Authorization from your DR.  This gives you the right to carry more etc.  If you want to grow you have to (er supposed to) register for an ACMPR LicenceWhat did you end up doing Dude?

I also found out that Optic Foliar Shift (was switch) is now BANNED in Canada.  Not sure if anything else is.  It’s made in Richmond BC for F’s sake.

Once I get the new grow area set up and insulated, I’ll post pics.  The 150g garden bed was an experiment.  Once thing I learned is you need a 5×5 at that size.  The 4×4 tent is too hard to get at all of the plants unless You have access to all 4 sides.  My next grows are going to be in 15g fabric pots.  I’ll use the 4×4 for a drying room.  Might do another grow in the soil as well, that or use it for mothers.

My grow room build was delayed about a month.  It was late and I woke up to hit the washroom.  Saw the outside temp was real low so decided to check on my girls in their insulated grow tent sitting in a very lightly insulated fabric building.  I came back in, took off my shoes and proceeded to head to the washroom.  Somehow something heavy and sharp fell right in front of my feet and of course I nailed it with my right foot.  Hairline fracture of my index toe and lacerations to the top of my toe.  Took 4 weeks before I could wear workboots again.  Ouch!

In the photos, the white stuff on the leaves is Diatomaceous Earth left over from some IPM.

PS.  Scotty, Thanks for Keeping DL on the DL.  When I signed using my tablet up f’ing google auto-form complete changed my username to my real name.  Thanks for the save!  I did change it to my username immediately, but you must have gotten the notification before I changed it.

PPS:  While I agree Scotty that for a few hundred bucks you can grow decent weed vs shitty beer kits, In my case I made high quality craft beer from All Grain where you have to know stuff like pH, enzymes, bacteria, yeast strains,the Alpha and Beta acids and terpenes of a multitude of hops.  ETC. 🙂  Lots of sciency stuff you know, Eh?  But to be honest I only have the room to either Brew or Grow and at this point with several medical issues, I choose The Green…

Peace DGC,


BTW Nanaimo is on Vancouver Island, A ferry boat ride away from Dude.  ( I can see toxic Vancouver from my window on a clear day.)