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Is it just me, or do you have a hard decision every time you select a nug, especially the big beautiful ones! Even before I grew my own I still had an issue breaking open those big nugs. I remember back to those days of the compressed nugs in those Mylar bags. Even then the decision was always difficult with those big beauties! Now that I grow my own it’s even more difficult! I mean come on, if you started it from seed or clone and were lucky enough to get a bunch of big beautiful colas, well, I think it’s way more difficult to break em open. I thought once I had plenty of cannabis for myself it wouldn’t be as difficult, I was wrong. Now, When I reach into my Ball Jars and pick the big NUGs out, I look at em, smell em, look at it some more, maybe take a picture, and then say to myself “is today the day? “ What determines whether or not to crack it open? Usually for me it’s a Special occasion or Holiday  but sometimes I might be medicated just enough to say fuck it, I’ll just grow another one! Here’s a few pics of my larger nugs that I still can’t break open just yet.