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What Up DGC. 1ST time grower here. Got a Few Questions that I could use your Guys’s Professional Knowledge Bombs On… Ok fellas so my question is this, I’ve been growing this plant since seedling.  It was Planted it into Fox Farms ocean forest soil 8 weeks ago it is in a 4ft×4ft grow tent with a 300 watt Spectre LED light, space heater, humidifier and oscillating fan.. I have done some topping to the plant to encourage outward growth. I also am using Advanced nutrient pH perfect 3 part nutrients which is a Micro, Grow and Bloom formula along with Advanced Nutrients Sensi Cal Mag and Bud Candy.. I’ve only given it three feedings of nutrients in the eight weeks it’s been growing, the rest have been RO waterings.. it’s looking pretty good and starting to get big and I know the rule of thumb is it’ll get double the size once its flipped 2 flowering so I’m wondering when I should start the flowering process any advice you guys could give me would be helpful….  thanks again love the channel.

Ps. The Strain is Unknown..