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I am about week 5 in flower i am growing in coco and perlite in fabric pots with blue and red led 400w lights. I have used Grow and Big Bloom by fox farm heavy during veg and cal mag, and some Recharge with Super thrive. And now for flower i have used Tiger Bloom by fox farm, Bloom Booster Incredible Bulk and some Flower Fuel and still a little recharge for the Coco. My question is when to cut off giving the nutrients so much and only give them water only at what time are they not really gonna use the nutrients and use just what is all ready in the plant. And does cutting them off from the Nutrients speed up end flower results and development. I am growing a white widow strain with some others here is pictures of week 5 flower of the widow when should i cut back on giving it nutrients. What am i missing here besides better lights anything.