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I suffer from PTSD from early childhood and my time in the U.S Army deploying 1 month after my birthday May 2006. This plant has been medication for me since 10 years of age (I shit you not lmao).

Cultivation has been a survival thing since 14 and June last year, after losing my job due to COVID, I found my way back after 8-10 hiatus.

My wife and I are working through the legal hurdles as we large scale cultivate for the state. We were forced to stop our commercial cycle due to the state licensing board putting off our yearly inspection due to COVID. We could have stayed open but I cannot risk it falling out of legality because they will revoke my ability to license for life in CA.

We have been broke, like barely covering broke. Paying for a large ass commercial building that makes 0 revenue on top of insurance, personal rent, 3 kids, and the seizures to stir shit up a bit lmao.

Notice the way I wrote that, and the fact I haven’t said anything about this before but today.

Because I refuse to let money, life, the state, or anything else l cannot control steer my energy. It is a struggle sometimes but this plant, it’s medicine, our community (Yes, you DGC love y’all), have helped me maintain, thank each and everyone of you.

I pushed my indoor home grow (Fully CA compliant I must add, remember CA folks 6 per household unless medical no matter how many live there) and started a experimental all “organic” (I AM using Nectar’s whole line solo w/ recharge) auto flower grow in my propagation tent because of the DGC.

I have a 4×4, 6 plant, custom built RDWC system with waterfall continuous feed pumps spraying two side of the net pot. I also use gravity, physics, and a very small pump to create an undercurrent on top of air-stones. I feed a varied schedule of nutes I have been using for years and go to town.

This last run I was gonna use all Runtz but gave the seedlings away going with an eclectic group of plants that are done at different times so yesterday through all night (02/21) I chopped my 🍇 🥧 and 🍊 🍪, drained, cleaned, and cut the three sites off the system before sealing a cap and letting the last 3 finish.

I will try and post a video if it will let me so you can see the results. When shit is fucked, make sure to relish and take motivation from the things that go right.

love y’all DGC

J Madd SD CA

PS. I left a lot of the 🍪 bottoms STILL cooking next to the Runtz.

To Chad Westport: The Runtz pheno you and I got is gonna be a mister at 11-12 weeks me thinks.