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Hey DGC,

I had a horrible experience last time my plants hermed and were all seeded pretty heavily could have been worse but still. I abandoned the strains I had grown for years and decided to start all over. Of two seeds I planted on failed and the other was a best coast male plant.  I have  5 female plants all from killer bud except one which is a best coast “magpie” plant which is Gelato X LA Con.

The lake Tahoe male plant which is Tahoe OG X Blue Dream X Blueberry Afghan… I have kept this male plant alive for a while now just to harvest a bit of pollen. I did this before and sat the pods in a pyrex dish on top of my toaster oven.  When I put them in a back and mashed them up there didn’t seem to be any powdery or what I would consider pollen in the bag.  Makes me think I got them to early or cooked it to much drying.

Here is what the pollen sacs look like right now. When are these ready to harvest.  What is the best way to dry and store them. I only want to seed one or two buds on each plant. What is the best way in your opinion to do this?  I have seen people (jeorge cervantes) take a paint brush and brush a bud with pollen them place a bag over it.  Is this the best way.  I really dont want to ruin my crop but I would love to have some backup seeds that dont have herm genetics and that come from a known male.

I am already seeing the advantages of the plant that was real genetics thank dgc.  The magpie is frostiest plant I have although not the largest buds.  Quality to me is way better than quantity. He has been abused to be kept in a different area.  Don’t feel bad for him most of my males get chopped asap. lol