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What’s up DGC, Looking for a little direction on my first indoor photo period grow. I currently have 5 plants. 1 GG4, 3 Black Domina, and 1 cheese. I was curious as to when I should flip to flower. I’m growing under a HLG 260w and a rapid led ChilLed Logic growmau5 v3 2×2 DIY kit. I’m growing the plants in an amended soil blend (coast of Maine, ocean forest, perlite, coco, biochar, and earth worm castings) in 10 gal smart pots. The plants are a total of 33 days old. I’m growing inside a 4×4 tent humidity around 65% and temps 87-80f (Purchasing an AC to have more control over the heat) any information would be extremely beneficial!

Thanks! Stimey_grows