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Hello DGC,

So i emailed a few weeks back and I need to clear up some things and answer some of the questions asked on the show. 1st thing I need to clear up is my buddy flipped my calendar early and when I checked the date I didn’t check the month only the day, thus putting me forward 1 whole month when I asked my 1st question. Anyways I’m on day 45. On the show you guys asked about my growing medium and set up. Its technically something between a hempy bucket and a swc. I bought it on Ebay. Rookie mistake lol. It’s a 10 bucket system 1 bucket being a reservoir and they are all connected. The medium is coco in 3′ net pots. As for the o2 question. I’m using a product called Dissolved o2. Its liquid dissolved O2. Anyways down to my new question. When does one know when to start flushing with autoflowers? I only water with my nutes, microbes and distilled water.