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Hey DGC, second question for me on dude grows. Coach Steve helped me out with the first one and I can’t thank him enough. This is my 1st grow and I’m now on day 41 since switching the lights over to flower. One of my 5 plants is looking a little ripe I can see amber trichs on a bunch of the sugar leaves. I don’t have a jewelers loop to truly see what’s going on. However the rest of the plants look as if the have a little more time. The plant in question is a cut of truth serum from the Denver clone company. I also have a Lakewood OG and a Member OG cut from the same place. The last 2 plants are from seed by free world genetics. There is very little to no info on any of these plants. I’m wondering how do I know when to flush? Do I use molasses or straight water? How long do they need to go without any nutes? I’ve come this far and would be super irritated if I messed everything up now. The plants are in organics 707 Soil with age old bloom, a little kelp and seaweed, 3 ml per gal of cal-mag, and some budswell guano. Any info would be seriously appreciate. Thanks again DGC!