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Hola DGC! Been listening for about a year, and just last month Subscribed to Patreon! I feel good that my $10 is helping support the show beyond my listening! So my question to the crew is when to put the dank into jars for cure? I know it depends on how you dry it (full plant, branches, etc.), but over my last 5 or so years of growing I’ve never been able to secure my terps. Of course 4 of those years I’ve been mainly growing bagseeds… but all of my weed smells great until I put it into my jars. Then they all just smell bland with a sprinkle of terpenes. My temp &humidity stay about 70F and 55-60% RH throughout. This last crop I had, I forgot I left a few branches hanging in my dry space while the rest went into jars about 5 days after drying (the small branches were snapping and that’s my usual tell that they’re done drying). Well, the stuff I left hanging in my room was WAY more DANK than the same stuff that’s been curing in the jars. Should I just dry and cure in my one room if I can keep that room temp and humidity consistent? Thanks in advance!

PS: Nugs featured are my latest harvest of Subcool’s Sweet Tea. RIP WEED NERD