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Alright Growbuddys,

I have another question.  When do you start your flush on photo period plants.  I am 7 weeks into flower and just had to flush them because of salt but I am wondering when I need to stop my nutes completely and start the harvest flush.  Do you go by trichs or time or flower development?   I have done several stupid things that have slowed my growth and they just now seem to be starting to build again.  Also when does bud development and bulking stop and ripening start?  The last plant I grew I didn’t flush at all and used no nutes but it was soil this time around I am mostly in coco and perlite.  Last time I grew this strain I didn’t know what I was doing and grew the whole thing under 12 12 and it actually did very well yield wise for the size of the plant.

I was also wondering if you harvest all the big heavy buds on top and the stuff covering the smaller stuff underneath so they can get light will those buds swell more or just mature more?  I guess what I mean is picking them like an apple  when they are ready.  Will the other apples grow more or will they just be small apples that are riper?