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So I’ve seen all the videos and read everything on the internet about when to harvest. Checking the trichs and depending on preference, you chop accordingly. I’ve also read its best to flush with water only for 10 day to 2 weeks, depending on whats worked best for their environment and situation. My question is what signs to look for to know when to start the flush. Obviously if its an 8 seeker start week 6 I get that, but it seems like things can change fast. Almost over night! So am I looking for when the trichs start to get cloudy? Percentages? 75% clear 25% milky? I’m not sure and I know its subjective but I’m also sure Guru or one of you has some science for me. I hate to brick it after I’ve come all this way!! Thanks for giving me this outlet DGC you guys have something real going on here. I’m glad to be apart of it.