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Hello dudes and duds,

This vac seal bag air tube is full of holes to diffuse the very cold air from intake fan. It can be lowered to floor and raised as high as the ceiling. The exhaust fan for the room is located above this in the back corner.

What level would best serve plants? My goal is to harvest and use as much co2, cool the plants. I have raised it high and it dose not keep room cool. It just goes out in exhaust. So scratch that one off the list. When you walk by this it is like 1000 cool cool cool mornings blowing kisses and tickling you.

I can place these tubes wherever I want. They are not in my way. I just ratchet them up or down. To completely reduce I can turn fan off.

600 hps bare bulb Avg 77. Low 60  humidity 40/50%

Thank you for you ideas. Even the really stupid ones.  It’s the thought that counts.  – THE BECONATOR.  Hold the bacon