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What’s going on D.G.C, The DUDE, my man’s Scotty Real & the Guru and a shout out to the growing community, and also I’d like to give a shout out to the guys behind the scenes That You Don’t See that makes your show possible. I’m using the mid grade promix XP which is not a heavy mix or a light mix but just a right balance & organic Coco coir at about a 50/50 mix.

Now When I grew in a medium to Heavy soil, after I watered I had no problem keeping my humidity up during veg or flower, but since I switched to a lighter potting soil being of 50% promix and 50% Coco during flower, after I water I’m still having trouble keeping my humidity up even with a humidifier I’m scratching my head wondering where is my humidity going. I am running a exhaust fan with carbon filter which never caused any problem in the past, for me to think my humidity is going out it. My tent temperatures run between 77 and 85 and normally my humidity is around 55 to 65. And anytime and i closes  my environment backup I was able to watch my humidity rise but now with this new soil mix only during flower after I water, and i close up my environment backup it’s hard to get my humidity above 45? Doesn’t make any sense I should have plenty humidity. Just wanted to say that you guys have changed my growing game completely and your show is just like the first cup of coffee of the day you got to have it got to have that dgc hope to be a paid member someday but for now I’m buying the hell out of your merch all right guys peace out happy holidays and stay lifted.