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Hey Dude Scotty Guru and DGC,

I’m an Illinois Medical Cannabis patient my first 5 of the year and I’m in week 8 of flower 😉
I’m currently running a dehumidifier essentially 24 hours a day, and pretty soon I will be moving my 4×4 and 5×5 tent into our spare bedroom (currently in the living room and the old lady ain’t havin’ it)

So my question is; is there any type of system on the market that works a window unit economizer or somewhat of a window unit styled air exchanger? I was thinking you could even rig a homemade system with two 8-10 inch AC Infinity fans with temperature and humidity sensors  and a homemade mixing box will do to essentially do the same thing and allow for much cheaper cooling during the winter months. These are common commercial HVAC applications that I believe could be incorporated to my future 10×12 sealed space. The space has 2 windows. 1 window i could use for this system, and one window hooked to a redundant backup fan that will only exhaust in emergency situations.

HVAC guru – enjoy my million dollar idea (if it will even work)

Huge fan of the show. I just discovered you guys a month ago and I listen daily at the office (headphones of course). Picked up some recharge to add in addition to my azos beneficials.

Keep on keepin on DGC and thank you for all of the valuable information and daily laughs.