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Hey community, what up?

So currently I have 2 4ft t5 fixtures inside a pretty decent sized room and I’ve been looking at wanting to add another light fixture or 2 to fill up my veg space more to also include some year round veggies that can be grown under a 18hr light cycle. And if im quite impressed maybe one day Ill retire the t5s and use led only. im just Used to growing in a 2×4 zone area – and most leds are 2×2 3×3 or 4×4.

Do I just go big and get the hlg 300l bspec? Or would I be better off getting like 2 of the hlg 100v2 ?  I feel 4000 is a bit red on the spectrum for veg state of cannabis plants or is that fine?  I presume though that may be a better spectrum for garden veggies to fruit under? ie peppers, lettuce, spinach etc?

or do I go in between and get the 135w qb v2 bspec kit ? (though it doesnt list the dimensions)

Why dimensions may matter is at some point I plan to attempt some breeding thus I may end up throwing a 2×4 tent into the corner to host male plants – and if i do decide to get a tent – then the hlg 300l bspec may be too big to use as well outside the tent along with my 2 4ft t5 fixtures.  The reason why I think I would need a tent is for when I do find a good male, i could use the tent inside my veg room as a flowering cycle for the males pollinate any females within the tent so its just not right out in the open next to the veg plants I plan to move over to my real flower space.