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What’s up DGC….I have a question, I’m about to be getting a 2×4 tent that will most likely be for veg..currently using a optic 6 led in a 5×6 master closet that my kickass wife sacrificed for me to turn into a grow room that I’m wanting to make my flowering room…now I have a budget of around $400 and need some help on a light I’m at a toss up between the Rapid LED 2×4 chilled logic or 2 HLG 135w v2 rspec I know both lights are badass just like everything else that the DGC highly recommends that I have used Recharge, Radical Bags, Mammoth  P, Optic Foliar. I emailed Optic Foliar and said I was DGC, asked about a sample and Denish emailed me back fast and asked me some questions. He sent me a kickass sample kit and has emailed me back after to check to see how things are going. That’s badass! The DGC and the companies they roll with are good ass people who are all after the same thing. I love this community and group of cannabis lovers…now which light should I go for?