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What up crew ๐Ÿค™! Hope all is well for everyone. Ok…Im trying to get an accurate PPM reading on my well water here. I have two TDS meters, one is a bluelab the other is an AP-1 from HM Digital (amazon cheapo) . They both have been tested with 2.77 ec solution.

Blue lab reads: 2.8 ec. / 1400ppm @ .5ppm / 1960ppm @ .7, which is dead on! (Only reads in 10ths with E.C.)

Amazon one reads: 1163ppm and is on the 500 scale. It should read 1400ppm. Seems with the hire PPM readings the Amazon one gets less accurate. I’ve also noticed this over time comparing the two meters when mixing solutions.

Now when I measure my water with the blue lab, it only reads in 10’s, and usually sits at 10ppm sometimes goes up to 20ppm, and that’s on the 700 scale.

With the Amazon brand which has stayed fairly accurate over the past couple of years, reads and has always read around 69-76 PPM.

I don’t know which to believe. The blue lab tests prefect in the 2.77 ec solution, but 10 PPM sounds insanely low. This water is not softened, and comes straight from the hose, which is direct to the well.

I really just need to get my water tested ๐Ÿ˜†. The whole reason behind this is that I run organics and have come in to calcium and magnesium deficiencies at times when i think i shouldn’t. Is 10 to 76 ppm even enough calcium and magnesium each watering? That’s considering all of it is just cal and mag, which it most likely isnt.

Would love to get some of the crews opinions. Thanks DGC