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Hey DGC ,Dude,Scotty,Guru found a few white flys on my blue cheese Auto . It’s day 60 of 75 day strain . 15 days to go time and now white flys . It’s only a few I found and I don’t want to spray my Nugz . The culprit is my neighbors plant on other side of wall . They have plant , regular plant not weed , that is so infested with thousands n thousands of white flys . Question is what can I use on my plant? Can I wipe each leaf with anything? It’s only one plant not many leaves . Cheese was grown n happy frog soil, feeding only recharge n bio-cozym under SK400+ for first 3 weeks . It got to hot in my garage so I put it outside after day 21, It started flowering day 21 so I started feeding plant with seagrow bloom 4-26-26 with recharge n bio-cozym , started at 1/4 strength with seagrow and worked it up to 5ml. Gal. It did not like being pushed to fast with nutes . So kept it light n simple . Did maintain a IPM till first week of flower ..My first auto flower and only my second grow.. love it even if it only gets me a couple ounces a plant , I’ll just plant 6 at a time or more . Medicine is for me anyways , I give most away to family n friends . Hey Scotty n 1 of pics u can see my octopot n the back , has me worried , it has outgrown all my other plants leaves bigger then my hand massive main stem goes through 6gal. Reservoir n 5-6 days at this rate it will b washing machine size if not bigger by October !! I have already topped it a few times it’s a Alien rift . Also with the Autos I have time for one other summer grow , just ordered more auto flowers . This winter I will go back to feminized seed n my tent and autos for summer . Thanks again guys for all the intel and making my grow possible.