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I am very proud of this one. This is day 58 and believe it or not its done. Thank you for all your guidance on making me a better grower( and Rasta Jeff as well) to the date its been 1 year since i first started growing. my 1st grow tested at 21%. i have been on the right path the whole time and if i can do it anyone can. Its not rocket surgery. You just need to give them the attention they need and know when to BACK OFF as well. The first one is White Wedding by Ethos genetics fed the entire New Millenium line including green sensation and silicium and of course RECHARGE as well. The second one is Candy Store by Ethos genetics and it smells like a bag of starburst. I still cant get over how crazy it smells. Thanks again for all you do. You, Scotty, Banner, and the crew help get me through long days at work on almost a daily basis. As my favorite fortune cookie said “don’t stop now!!!!”