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I grew this plant in recycled soil. I threw some worm shit, alfalfa meal and compost into it and planted 3 white widow autos into one 5 gal. They started under lights then went to greenhouse for 50 days or so now they split time between inside and out until finish. I used no nutes(recharge is involved) till day 55 and only some humbolt flower stacker and cal mag to kick them along. Now on day 8 of flush and am blown away by what this plant did with benign neglect. No training,no pruning, and no lst. The larger flower is easily 3 inches thick and 18 inches long and rock hard bud. Smells fruity up top and sour under the lower buds. Just a great plant. Royal queen seeds definitely nailed it here. Thanks for all the knowledge and help over the years dgc you helped me do this for sure.