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What’s up Dudes! I have a plant that is a G-13 x Blueberry Headband from Emerald Triangle Seed Co.  I attempted to germinate 5 of theses seeds and only one of them ever grew a taproot. It was very discouraging.  When the plant was 20 days old, I topped it and realized that there were 3 leaves growing out at each node rather than 2.  Sure enough, she’s like that the whole way down.  After topping, 3 branches came in rather than 2.  Now on day 26, she seems to be growing just fine and I really don’t want to remove her from my grow. I love to learn from oddities like this.

I did my research and I believe this mutation is called Whorled Phyllotaxy.  And it looks like the growing community is pretty divided on whether or not it’s a good thing.  From what I’ve read, it will produce more side branching, more colas and be a bushier plant, but my question is: Have any of you ever had experience with a plant harboring this mutation? And do you think it will cause the end result to be higher or lower quality cannabis? Guru… I feel like you’re my man on this one. 

Thanks for all the info Dudes. Love the show.  I wake and bake with you guys every morning in my shop.  Super stoked to get that members pack you’ve been talking about. Thanks for doing that! Honestly, I’m looking forward to the sticker more than anything 🙂  All the sticker junkies know what I’m sayin…

Here’s what’s growin on in my meadow…

ROOM:  2”x4”x8”h    Diamond Mylar lined cabinet.

FANS:  Exhaust Air – TerraBloom Variable speed fan with connected carbon filter.  Fresh Air Intake – AC Infinity Cloudline T4 fan with auto controller.  Top canopy – 4 small USB fans.  Lower canopy – 2 small USB fans.

TEMP/RH CONTROL:  Space heater, Humidifier, Dehumidifier (all as needed).

LIGHTING:    Mars Hydro 720w Full Spectrum LED (Reflector 144)

Growing Medium / Pot Transfers / Cuisine:    

MEDIUM – 50/50 Blend of Roots Organics, Formula 707 and Char Coir, Coco Coir

POTS – Small clay pots  >  1 gal plastic pots  >  7 gal white fabric pots

NUTRIENTS:   General Hydroponics – Gro, Micro, Bloom

SUPPLEMENTS:  General Hydroponics – CALiMAGic, Liquid Koolbloom, Floralicious Plus, Diamond Nectar, Flora Blend, Flora Nectar, Dry Koolbloom, FloraKleen

ORGANICS:    RealGrowers – Recharge