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Hello and thanks for any thoughts or advice. 3rd time grower here and this tent is for my veg plants. The back left is an Elev8 Harelquin and back right is Twenty20 Mendocino Made of Honor. Grew both from seed started right around new years day. To me each of these plants has always just looked a little squatty and I haven’t seen the growth outward I expected. The Harlequin has always had its fan leaves pointing up. The MoH has absolutely huge fan leaves and branches. The Made of Honor has such thick stalks like I’ve never seen and look good in most respects. They have been healthy looking, just not growing in plant size out and up like I expect. I did find recently that our tap pH was close to 10 and since then, maybe the last two weeks, have been adjusted to lower pH to about 6.

These have been mostly straight water, mostly distilled, with Recharge every other feeding and Grow Big alternating feedings too. Tent is 3×3 and under an HLG225R. Wondering what anyone may see in these images to suggest or help me learn what is going on or even just confirming that things are fine.