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I have been growing these seeds from Ethos Genetics End Game, Punch Line and this isn’t the first time I have ran into this problem where my plant grows and looks healthy but won’t grow nodes or it takes a long time for them to come in and I just can’t figure out why this happens. I am growing in mainly Coco and about 10% to 20% Fox Farm Happy Frog 🐸 and some worm castings to start the clones or seedings off with some lite nutrition, i water every week to week and a half. I also water in Recharge every other watering and Greatwhite Mycorrhizae once a month and with these plants I have added in Grow Dots and they seem to be happy but the nodes just don’t seem to grow or come in so slow, I also have a plant that has an abundance of nodes and have done everything the same is it me doing something wrong or am I missing something please help!

Temp- 65deg to 75deg

RH- 50% to 65%

Things I have put into this grow

coco, happy frog, Recharge, mycorrhizae, cal-mag, liquid seaweed, silica blast, insect frass, B-Vitamin, King Crab by Greatwhite.

thank you 🙏🏻